Prague Tour Guide Services

How to request my private tour guide services?

Please email me at:

The best way to request a Tour of Prague or a Day Trip from Prague is to give me the following information:
*date of your visit
*number of people
*what kind of tours you would like and when
*other wishes and ideas (transfers from the airport, ticket booking etc.,
* your name and address.)
* Please make the subject “Tour of Prague,” so I won’t mistake it for junk mail.

It is important for me to know about your interests, walking abilities and time you would like to spend on tour, so I may arrange the most suitable tour for you.

Prices: I keep my prices reasonable. The average hourly rate for a whole group is about 20 Euro/Hour/Group depending on the length of the tour and number of people. You can pay after the tour directly to me. Ask me about more details on Pricing and Payment conditions. Please email me at:

I will send you my suggestions in case you don’t choose from the list of my services. And you will confirm your booking.

Thank you for your request and booking!

Helena Chmelířová – Prague Tour
Průhonek 22
155 00 Praha 5
Phone./fax: 00420 251 626403
Cell phone: 00420 608 828 848

Helena Chmelířová- Prague Tour, Průhonek 22, 15500 Praha 5 -Czech Registration no. is: 40848906 – Trade Office Praha 13 – under the Number ŽL 310005-779492-01
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